Dear Readers,

Yap-A-DoodleYap-A-Doodle is a Havanese puppy who loves living with Annabelle and her brother Andrew. Grandma Merriday trained Yap-A-Doodle, in her own townhouse, until everyone felt Yap-A-Doodle could play nicely with Annabelle and Andrew.

Annabelle gave the puppy a funny name because Yap-A-Doodle yaps a lot when she is excited (which is very often), and is very cute and funny (always). Some young readers like to sing out her name, whenever it comes up in the stories, because it sounds funny.

Sometimes Yap-A-Doodle is confused by what is going on around her, and she has wishes and secrets of her own. Here are some examples from My COMPLICATED Week:


“Andrew disappears a lot! He disappeared into a strange suit! Then he disappeared into a strange thing with wheels.


“I wish I could get into the places where humans keep their treats, like the refrigerator, the pantry, and Dad’s sock drawer!”


“I ate that cookie that they left in the dining room!”