Secret #75


Here is my  Secret #75:

Yap-A-Doodle chewed a hole in one of Grandma’s favorite slippers! Yap didn’t really mean to do it. Grandma hasn’t noticed it, yet.

11 thoughts on “Secret #75”

  1. Thank you for your question and suggestion, Maya. I showed the slipper to Mom and Dad. They said they could fix the slipper. That would be a good thing. But the patch would be so big that it might make Grandma stumble and fall. That would be a very bad thing! I guess we need to think some more.

  2. Does Yap have toys to chew? You can tell her not to chew other things. You can put things too high for her to get.

  3. Hi Tommy. Yap-A-Doodle does have toys to chew, but we still need to remind her not to chew other things. She can jump as high as the top of our tables! We have to keep food even higher, and keep shoes and slippers in our closets, until Yap learns to behave better. She wants to learn, but some things are hard for a young puppy. Thank you for helping us work on this complicated problem.

  4. My grammy has 3 pairs of slippers. She has white pink and green. She could give a pair to your grammy Merriday. My grammy is very generous.

  5. Hi Bella. That is very sweet of you! I think that Mrs. Young and Dad have already come up with a way to replace Grandma Merriday’s slippers. It’s still a secret because we want to surprise Grandma. Soon, I’ll be able to tell everyone about it. Thank you for your idea!

  6. I just want everyone to know that I’m VERY sorry for chewing a hole in Grandma Merriday’s slipper! Sometimes my puppy teeth just want to chew something. I’m trying to remember to chew ONLY my toys. I love Grandma VERY much. Happy Halloween! Yap.

  7. Hi Friends! I have good news to tell you. Last week, when Dad and I were riding our bikes, we saw Mrs. Young knitting on her porch. Dad mentioned our slipper problem. Mrs. Young asked me about Grandma’s favorite colors. The very next day, she gave us a pair of green slippers with pink bows. She had knitted them for Grandma; they fit perfectly! Grandma was very happy. She gave us kisses and hugs. She was so happy that she also hugged Yap-A-Doodle! Now everyone is happy. I hope you are having a happy day, too!

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