Secret # 139


Here is my  Secret #139:

I was sad and embarrassed when I lost my birthstone ring that Grandma and Grandpa Whitaker sent from North Carolina! I loved that sparkly ring, and I had planned to wear it to school. I love my grandparents, too. I worried that everyone would think I’m not responsible with my special things. This became a big problem!

In Volume 2 (My IMAGINARY Week) there is an emergency.  I try to remember what Grandma told me about searching for lost things, so I can try to solve the mystery in that emergency!  You’ll discover what happens when that books comes out, soon.

Right now, you can read comments about my birthstone ring on this page:


5 thoughts on “Secret # 139”

  1. I lost the lucky coin my poppy gave me. I told Poppy and he said ok. He said everyone does looses. He had an extra coin so he gave it to me.

  2. Hi Luke. It sounds like you have a very nice poppy. I hope you and he had a happy Thanksgiving, together. I’m still trying to find my ring. I think I’ll ask Grandma Merriday for advice. She lives next door. She is good at keeping secrets and helping me to solve my problems.

  3. I lose things all the time! When I lose something special I’m always afraid to tell my mom and dad and get yelled at but they always understand and help me find it. So maybe your grandma can help you find it.

  4. Thank you, Shelly. I followed your suggestion and now I’m so happy! Grandma Merriday taught me a secret way to find things that are lost. I found my birthstone ring! When Volume 2, My IMAGINARY Week, comes out, you’ll be able to read about this secret way to help you find things that you lose.

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