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Hi Friends! This page is just for YOU and your friends to share comments and join my CLUB!

I have fun sharing some of my secrets.   You’ll find important ones on this page and on their own pages.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find out more about Secret #75 and  Secret #139.

As a member of this club, you may share ideas with me and other club members! If you are a child, please ask a parent, teacher, or other adult to email your comments. We must not collect email addresses from children, and we never share or sell anyone’s contact information!  We respect everyone’s privacy and we want you to stay safe!  Adult friends will receive information from us only if they request it.  Those adult friends may pass on to you my answers to your questions and responses to your ideas.  Thank you for joining our fun club!  Now, you can read about some of my secrets about:


  • Favorite activities we like to do.
  • Our wishes.
  • Surprises we plan for our friends and family.
  • Questions we wish we could figure out.
  • Things we hope we can learn to do better.
  • Funny things that grown-ups say and do.
  • Other things that make us laugh a lot.
  • Things that make us worry a little.
  • Things that make us a little angry.
  • What makes us very happy!
  • Suggestions to help other people.

If you want to be a member of the Club, all you have to is send me a message (remember children need an adult to help send messages):

  • In the first box, write your first name — only your first name.  Keep your last name a secret!
  • In the next box, write an email address.
  • In the big “Comment” box, write your message.
  • Scroll down and click on “Post Comment.”

Your message will be sent to me where I write my stories.
I’ll check to make sure that comments are ok before they can be seen by the other members of our club. As I promised, Email addresses and last names are not shared (just to be safe).

Before you comment, here is a warning from me to you about Dangerous Dragon Secrets:

You probably love secrets like I do! It is great to have, and share, secrets. But I want to tell you something important about a strange kind of secret.

We try to be very good at choosing when to tell secrets. We want to be very good at keeping secrets for our friends. But, we may learn a secret that is too BIG and DANGEROUS to keep to ourselves.  It is not like most secrets. It is not like a little frog that we can keep in a bucket for a short time. It is more like a fire-breathing dragon that could hurt us or someone else. This kind of secret is about a person who is bullying, or abusing, you — or doing one of those things to someone you know.

Of course, we have read some stories about friendly dragons, and other stories about dangerous dragons. Sometimes, it is hard to know for sure if a secret is a dangerous dragon secret. Sometimes, it is hard to believe that a person (who seems very nice) could be hurting you or another person. If you know a secret that makes you worry or feel sad, it is very important for you to give that secret to an adult you trust — so they can take care of it properly.

The best person you can give a dangerous-dragon secret to is an adult you completely trust. That person might be in your family, your neighborhood, your school, or your place of worship. It might be a teacher, principal, minister, priest, rabbi, police officer, doctor, nurse, aunt, uncle, grandparent, or neighbor — an adult who always makes you feel safe.

I love secrets, but I would not love a dangerous dragon secret!  If I find one of those, I will give it to one of my most trusted, adult friends right away!  Thank you for thinking carefully about secrets!

I Hope to hear from you soon!

Your friend,


Secret #75:

This secret is about something Yap-A-Doodle did.  You can click here  Secret #75 to read the comments about this secret.

Secret #139:

This secret made me feel sad and embarrassed.    You can click here Secret #139 to read the comments about this secret.

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