Reviews by Children

 We love stories and photos like these!!

Talia, a reader in Chicago, shared My COMPLICATED Week with four-legged friend Tommy.  We wonder if he liked the bits about Yap-A-Doodle!  Thanks to mom (Jenny) and grandma (Maureen) for sharing this photo.

Talia from Chicago with Tommy

Thomas (4 1/2) & Alexander (7) from the San Fran Bay area enjoy My IMAGINARY Week with their mother. Photo courtesy of the boys’ grandmother.

San Fran Bay boys with MY IMAGINARY WEEK

An 8-year-old girl from South Carolina told her grandmother that the Annabelle-Please-Don’t-Tell stories are “awesome.”  Grandma told us that her granddaughter started reading the first volume on the couch.  When told that it was getting late, she took My COMPLICATED Week to bed to finish it.  She wants us to hurry up with Volume 3! 

beginning vol. 1 on Grandma's couch

finishing vol. 1 in bed

“Love love loved this book. I especially liked all of the creative events especially “Jupiter.” The pictures in the book really help to make the book come alive. I got excited when I found out it was only volume 1 so that means I have more stories coming.”

Ryan Rector (4th grader) and his father, Clarence. Five stars on Amazon.


“I like Andrew the best because he is so funny.”

Dylan Lussier (8 years old)


“The thing I like most is the speech bubbles.  I can’t wait to read the second book.”

Christy Brignola (8 years old)


“This book is so much fun!  We loved talking about how the children and parents had different perspectives on the same things.”

Sherri Doebrick and her daughter McKenna (8 years old)


“I really like your book…Its a very good book! I encourage you to write more books for this fun series!! I can’t wait to read your next book!!”

S.K. (5th grade, Monroeville, PA)