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Our affordable, print chapter books have a sturdy, glossy cover and crisp, white pages with beautiful illustrations on well over a hundred pages!  Each book is packed with many hours’ worth of giggles, ah-ha!’s and inspiration to keep on learning.

You may purchase the electronic versions of My COMPLICATED Week,   My IMAGINARY Week,  and  My OVERWHELMING Week for any Kindle device.  The Kindle eBooks for our series are available at less than half price to anyone who has ordered the same title in paperback from Amazon (it is not necessary to place both orders on the same day — Amazon will recognize you as a previous purchaser).  We hope this will help families experience both the beauty of illustrated print books and the convenience of electronic books.

The eBook versions  of Volumes 2 and 3 provide all the glorious illustrations in full color for Kindle color-supporting devices.

Paperback and/or Kindle  from Amazon.Paperback from Amazon.

Volume 3, My OVERWHELMING Week, will be available in 2016.

Future plans include:  B&N and Nook.

We are expanding the brick and mortar locations where our books may be purchased, and making signed copies available at our in-person events at schools, bookstores, and libraries. You can help by asking your favorite bookstore, school, or library to contact us through this website.

Attention educators, librarians, booksellers, and others eligible for special purchasing:  our books are available through wholesale and expanded  distribution channels.  Please note ISBN’s listed below.

Amazon also facilitates international purchasing.

If you like Annabelle’s stories and would like to help us reach more families and children, please leave a recommendation at or a review at that describes what you, and a child, enjoyed.  Your efforts will be heartily appreciated!

Here are the steps to follow at Amazon:

    1. Log into and type in the title (e.g. My COMPLICATED Week or My IMAGINARY Week) in the search bar.
    2. (Some people like to read what has already been said about a book before they write their own comments — you can do that by clicking on “reviews” at the book’s page.)
    3. When you are ready to write, click on the tab for “Your Account” on the upper right corner of your screen.  (If you do not have an account, you will need to open one to offer a review, but it is not necessary to give credit card information to open a new account.)
    4. A list (with images) of your recent purchases, if any, will appear.
    5. Scroll down to a box that has the orange label “Personalization.”
    6. Inside that box you can click on “Your Reviews.”
    7. Another page will appear, on which you will see any recent purchases.  If you loved Annabelle’s book, you may click on the fifth star to give it FIVE STARS (THANK YOU!).
    8. A new box will appear to allow you to write your review.  You may write an anecdote about what happened when you read the book (and perhaps discussed it) with a child, or tell simply write what you feel would be most helpful for other people to know about the stories.
    9. You may then give a title to your review like “fun and educational,” or “good discussion starter,” or “fun to read aloud, together.”
    10. Then click on “Submit.” Your review will appear with whatever profile name you chose for your account (this can be any name or initials you’d like to represent you).

Amazon will check your review.  If you originally purchased the book from them, they will add a note that they verified your purchase (adds credibility to your review). They’ll notify you when your review is posted, and you’ll also receive notations to your review (and your account page) when people click on your review to indicate that it was helpful to them.

Goodreads is a well-respected site that helps individuals and institutions find, and recommend, good books.  It offers interesting blogs connected to both print and electronic books. Goodreads does not sell books; it promotes literacy.   Five stars on Goodreads is my idea of the very best birthday (or unbirthday) gift!

The more (positive) activity that a book gets, the more visibility it earns.   This is VERY helpful, considering that millions of books are competing for readers’ attention.  We truly appreciate your time and effort to support our project for young readers.

We would seriously consider advice you might like to send to us via our Contact page.  It is inspirational to us to learn about young readers,’ parents,’ and educators’ reactions to our work toward children’s development and literary enjoyment.

Thank you!

Carole Lyn Woodring


Retail paperbacks and Expanded Distribution for Booksellers & Foreign Sales:

My COMPLICATED Week   13:978-0692280881

My IMAGINARY Week   13:978-0990818014


My COMPLICATED Week    13-978-0-9908180-0-7    ASIN B00OGRD4EM

Libraries & Academic Institutions:

My COMPLICATED Week   13:978-1500929923

My IMAGINARY WEEK   13:978-1514379752

My Overwhelming Week





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