Dear Readers,

Annabelle's FamilyAnnabelle Merriday lives in a townhouse with her brother (Andrew), her mother (Emily), her father (Trevor), and her puppy (Yap-A-Doodle). Annabelle’s grandmother (Lillian Merriday) lives next door. In My COMPLICATED Week, Annabelle mentions her Aunt Elizabeth who appears in other Annabelle-Please-Don’t-Tell! books.

Annabelle’s mother grew up in Connecticut. Her father grew up in California. They met when they both were living in Manhattan (“The Big Apple”). Now they live in the town of Hidden Springs near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Some of their relatives live in North Carolina and other interesting places. In My IMAGINARY Week you will meet an aunt and uncle from Connecticut.

Spaghetti Dinner

Annabelle’s mother is a veterinarian who loves to play tennis and play the piano. She also likes to ride horses. Annabelle’s father is a creative director at an advertising agency who loves to play tennis and play the saxophone. He also likes to build small, remote-controlled cars and planes.

Grandma loves to take care of Annabelle and Andrew while Mom and Dad are working. She also likes to cook, bake, and sew. That is good because no one else seems to have time to cook, although everyone finds time to enjoy eating together!

You can read about Annabelle, Andrew, and Yap-A-Doodle on their own pages on this website.