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This page is reserved for comments by Parents, Educators, and other Adults who would like to share ideas, activities, and resources related to the content of our stories.

We invite you to join the conversation about encouraging children to enjoy reading as they grow in understanding of their own wishes, worries, and wonderments.

We are offering (free and autographed) a paperback copy of Volume 2 and an Annabelle-Please-Don’t-Tell! poster to the first person to correctly guess (prior to publication) the primary image on the front cover of My IMAGINARY Week. Children may submit a guess, with the help of an adult, on this page or on Annabelle Please Don’t Tell!’s Facebook page.


A recent golden moment for me occurred when talking with a large group of children about the Kayla character.  I noticed a girl in the back of the room stand and say to the classmates around her, “That’s me!”  I believe most authors are thrilled to know that readers identify with their characters. It is a gift to us — and a reminder of our responsibilities.

While students have their own opportunity to share comments on the SECRETS CLUB page, you are invited to comment below or to contact the author, illustrator, or other readers and educators at the grown-ups’s CONTACT page.

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Carole Lyn Woodring

2 thoughts on “Comment Page”

  1. Interesting and educational book for both the children and parents.
    I loved the illustration of the cover page.

  2. Thank you, Inok. Annabelle’s stories are filled with similes and analogies (both in text and images). The frog popping up in the bucket (presented both ways) is one that I hope children and adults will enjoy as much as I did when it popped up in my head.

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