Annabelle and Kayla

Dear Readers,

Annabelle and her family have many interesting friends and neighbors.

Annabelle's FriendsAnnabelle’s best friend is Kayla Davis, who is a year older than Annabelle. Kayla will be entering 3rd grade soon. She likes to collect things that are red. She also loves collecting Annabelle’s secrets, and she is very good at keeping those secrets. Kayla has a baby sister whom everyone calls “Baby Bree.” Annabelle and Andrew call Kayla’s parents “Mr. D” and “Mrs. D.” Mrs. D owns a flower shop and sings. Mr. D does metal-working and plays a trumpet. In My COMPLICATED Week, Annabelle must try to find a solution when Kayla refuses to talk with her.

Another of Annabelle’s friends is Daniel Lee. In My COMPLICATED Week, Daniel’s mother teaches Annabelle, Andrew, and Grandma how to make a very special treat. Daniel likes to play the drums. His father plays a bass.