Annabelle Has 156 Secrets!

Dear Readers,

Annabelle and frogAnnabelle Merriday earned her nickname Annabelle-Please-Don’t-Tell! because she loves secrets. The last time she counted her secrets, she had 156! She gives some of her secrets away because keeping a secret is as hard as keeping a frog in a bucket — until you’re ready to let him go! Almost as soon as Annabelle gives away one secret, she realizes that she has a new secret! Annabelle would love for you learn some of her secrets in her stories.

For example, Annabelle shares her secret plans for a special birthday hunt in My COMPLICATED Week. She also shares two secrets about her dog, and a secret worry about riding her new bike. Annabelle and Kayla make a secret trade, Grandma finds out about a sneaky thing Annabelle does in her kitchen, and Dad discovers a secret in Mom’s car trunk. Other secrets are uncovered in that book.

In My IMAGINARY Week, Kayla is curious about a big, secret wish that Annabelle’s parents plan to make come true on their family vacation. In that book, Annabelle and Andrew learn about a secret in a real castle. Annabelle also discovers ghostly secrets about an old sea captain.

You and your friends may join Annabelle’s Secrets Club by sharing fun secrets on her blog for kids. You must invite an adult to help you with your posts.

Of course, you may share only your own secrets, and let other people share their own secrets.

Have you given anyone a birthday surprise? Do you or your parents have a secret ingredient for a yummy treat? Do you have a secret about your pet? Do you have other fun things to share?

Annabelle and Andrew think that grown-ups sometimes do and say strange things. Annabelle talks about that in her stories. Andrew thinks it is odd when Grandma says he can watch “dough grow.” He worries about Grandma cutting up his space suit. He doesn’t know why Grandma Merriday wants him to “drop” the cookies. Have you noticed any odd things that grown-ups say or do?

Ask a parent, teacher, or other adult to help you share your thoughts on the SECRETS CLUB page on this website!