Dear Readers,

Andrew-I-Do-TooAnnabelle gave her younger brother, Andrew, his nickname “Andrew-I-Do-Too” because he so often agrees with other people by saying “I do, too.”

Andrew wants to learn to do many of the fun things that Annabelle can do. But Andrew also has his own ideas and wishes. When Annabelle is learning to go to Mars in My COMPLICATED Week, Andrew wishes for a spaceship to go to Jupiter. Andrew and Annabelle cheer for each other’s accomplishments, but Annabelle thinks that a three-year-old should have better table manners.

Annabelle gets her brother into trouble in Grandma’s kitchen. Then she worries about what her parents will think when they find out.

Andrew wants to discover Annabelle’s secrets. When Annabelle and Grandma plan a surprise for Dad, Andrew helps them come up with a very creative idea. Soon, Annabelle becomes afraid Andrew will give away one of her most important secrets. You may enjoy sharing some of your secrets on Annabelle’s blog for her Secret Club.

In My IMAGINARY Week, Andrew is lost at a real castle. Annabelle must use her powers of imagination to try to find him.