Volume 3 in my series is ready for you to read! 

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In this book, you will read about some big challenges that felt overwhelming to me, my family, and my friends.  

It was bad enough that my family’s weekly calendar was overloaded with the first day of third grade for me, the first day of pre-school for Andrew-I-Do-Too, a visit by our grandparents from North Carolina, a team try-out for me, and shopping to do for everything.  At the beginning of all this, Mom got a call that Mr. and Mrs. Rule’s dog, Lucky, was taken to Mom’s pet hospital after being hit by a car.  Then  more, unexpected things happened!

Secretly, I was a little worried when I heard how many projects we would be doing in third grade—plus we were assigned lots of homework the very first day!  My teacher asked me to also do something special for a new boy who was bullied in his former school.  His parents speak  Spanish at home.  Carlos speaks English, except when he gets nervous or embarrassed.  My best friend, Kayla, and I teamed up with him for some surprising adventures.

Speaking of “nervous and embarrassed”—Victor teased me about my new sneakers, some other boys embarrassed Kayla and me on the bus, and I got into a mess at the try-out.  

I’m glad that I learned some great, new secrets that helped us get through this overwhelming week.  I’ll share them with you.  You may share them with your good friends.

I also will share some useful information that I discovered.  For example, I learned about floor plans and elevations, and how to fix a fallen cake.  I have a new secret about Victor’s teasing.  The illustration at the top of this page is from the beginning of this week.  It offers you a clue about the contents of this fun-packed book.

Your friend, Annabelle-Please-Don’t-Tell!

Available as Paperback and/or Kindle from Amazon.Paperback from Amazon.