In case you have not already read Volume 2 of the Annabelle-Please-Don’t-Tell! series, here is a Sneak Peek from Chapter 1:
Purple Horse


Two Secret Words

This is going to be a super week starting tomorrow:  Saturday.  My parents are taking a weekoff from their jobs so we can go on a vacation together.  Andrew-I-Do-Too and I have been packing our suitcases.

Our dog, Yap-­A-­Doodle, takes things out of our suitcases, because she wants to play with them.   Grandma takes other things out of our suitcases because, she says, “You can’t take everything you own on a vacation.”

Mom and Dad want to surprise my brother and me.  They have been whispering so we will not know where we will be going, and what we will be doing.  Andrew-­I-­Do-­Too and I can’t figure out which of our things we will need when we get to this secret place.

I overheard two words that Mom whispered last night.  Those words made me very happy!  Now I know that one of my biggest wishes is coming true, soon!  I’m not sure that I can believe this is happening!

I didn’t tell Andrew about the two words, but they have been buzzing in my head all day.  I feel like my head will explode if I don’t tell someone.


I hope you will learn the secret words and enjoy our adventures in my second book:


                                     Your friend,

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If you would like to share a guess about Annabelle’s very big wish that comes true in My IMAGINARY Week, you may write it in the Comment Box on the Secret Club page For Kids.