Seven-year-old Annabelle Merriday has 156 secrets!

My Complicated WeekShe gives away some of her secrets, and discovers new ones, during her adventures.

Her three-year-old brother Andrew also has adventures and tries to find out Annabelle’s secrets.

Some of the secrets in My COMPLICATED Week are:

    • what to do when your best friend is jealous of a gift that you have just received,
    • how to plan a treasure hunt with homemade “four chin” cookies,
    • what to do when tasks seem a bit too complicated or even scary!

You’ll laugh at strange things that grown-ups do and say.
Annabelle hopes that you will enjoy her books and her secrets.

At a recent school reading, one boy described a time when he and his father found two frogs.  They put the frogs into a bucket to transport them to a stream where they could release them.  The frogs wanted to jump out of the bucket just like secrets may pop out of our keeping before we are entirely ready to let them go.

Another boy asked why I made Volume One “a funny book.”  As any author would be, I was happy that he caught my humor.  My answer was probably the most fundamental one:  I would rather laugh than be sad.  I do aim to help children explore a full range of emotions, but I hope to always bring them back to laughter.


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