Annabelle Merriday, 8 years old in 2016, has 156 secrets!  She will share some of them with you.
Volume 2, My IMAGINARY WEEK, is now available in both print AND Kindle eBook (in full color if you have a color-supporting device)! Order now to enjoy the amazing adventures of a mystery vacation. 132 fun-packed pages (most of them illustrated)!
Volume 3,  My OVERWHELMING Week, will be out soon.  For a sneak peek, click Here.


Reactions to Vol. 1:


“I really like your book…Its a very good book! I encourage you to write more books for this fun series!! I can’t wait to read your next book!!”  
S.K. (5th grade, Monroeville, PA)
“This book is so much fun! We loved talking about how the children and parents had different perspectives on the same things.”
Sherri Doebrick and her daughter McKenna (8 years old)
“Love love loved this book. I got excited when I found out it was only volume 1 so that means I have more stories coming.”
Ryan Rector (4th grader)

She gives away some of her secrets, and discovers new ones, in her stories.

Her three-year-old brother Andrew shares her adventures and tries to find out Annabelle’s secrets.

One of the secrets in My COMPLICATED Week is:

What to do if your best friend is jealous of a gift you have received!

One of the secrets in My IMAGINARY Week is:

How to save the day in an emergency!

You’ll laugh at strange things that grown-ups do and say. Annabelle hopes that you will enjoy her books and her secrets.